Vincent The Soul Chef

I love music... any kind of music... as long as it's groovy.

After a decade of trial and error, here is the official website where I attempt to chronicle my forty year obsession with all things vinyl. I dedicate this endeavour lovingly and respectfully to each and every single cratedigger the world over, who has offered me education and inspiration either directly or indirectly. Without you, this site, much less my record collection, would cease to exist. Thank you and enjoy.

I'm doing some different shit here...

Yeah... the time has finally come to get this all working and cohesive as I have been promising for at least a year or so. Way too much has happened, real life to be specific. My social media imprint says it all. What we have now is a need to get back to what I've been wanting to do for a long time. Just enjoying what I do and sharing what I do with whoever. It's all in good fun now. It has to be that way. Just because. I once said that my revolution would be uploaded. Well, I think it's time I make good on that, for better or worse. Watch this space too. Watch 'em all in fact. I may even attempt to upload pictures and such. Time and patience will tell the story better than I can tell it myself.

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