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After a decade of trial and error, here is the official website where I attempt to chronicle my forty year obsession with all things vinyl. I dedicate this endeavour lovingly and respectfully to each and every single cratedigger the world over, who has offered me education and inspiration either directly or indirectly. Without you, this site, much less my record collection, would cease to exist. Thank you and enjoy.

It was almost twenty years ago (including the Ultraviolet Pop trilogy)

Hello, kiddies.

I had yet to study the epic DJ Shadow record from back to front, although I was still playing it religiously... that would happen soon enough, but I was slowly changing colours as it were. I was still embracing the Alternative records pretty heavily, and had a stack of life changing CDs that I carried with me like textbooks... that brings us to the reason why we're here. I unearthed three old mini disc compilations that I had made back in 2000 or so that pretty much was the soundtrack of my life for about a year and a half straight. Here they are.

Why Ultraviolet Pop you may ask? Well, as you listen, you may notice a pattern. The soundscape gives off a definite hue of sorts... I started with three. Pink, orange and purple. Red would have been too easy, not to mention disrespectful to the Cocteau Twins hahaha!


01 Fine - The Cardigans
02 Navy Bean - Tracy Bonham
03 It Makes No Difference - The Darling Buds
04 Ride Upon The Tide - We Are Going To Eat You
05 Dress - P.J. Harvey
06 Beat The Time - Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
07 Poison in the Well - 10000 Maniacs
08 In a Box - Three Merry Widows
09 Think About The Weather - -The Poppinjays
10 Doe - The Breeders
11 All Too Well - Joydrop
12 Only Shallow - My Bloody Valentine
13 Stella - P.J. Harvey
14 Bulldog - Tracy Bonham
15 These Days - 10000 Maniacs
16 Cry Baby Cry - Throwing Muses
17 Taste Of Blood - Mazzy Star
18 Yuri-G - P.J. Harvey
19 Which Dreamed It? - Three Merry Widows
20 Dog Star Radio - Joydrop
21 Spaceman - Artificial Joy Club
22 30 Seconds - Tracy Bonham
23 Take It Away - Madder Rose

Listen at your leisure right here --------->


01 Baby Talk - Lush
02 Black Halo - Three Merry Widows
03 Mother Mother - Tracy Bonham
04 Professional Widow - Tori Amos
05 Fear - Throwing Muses
06 Golden Cage - Jill Sobule
07 Spark Plug - Stereolab
08 The Flatterer - Strange Boutique
09 Fried Awake - Medicine
10 Scarlet - Lush
11 Superfly - 4 Non Blondes
12 Wardrope - Hooverphonic
13 Blown a Wish - My Bloody Valentine
14 Me Jane - P. J. Harvey
15 A Little Bit Of Heaven - The Darling Buds
16 Speeding - The Creatures
17 I Wanna Sleep in Your Arms - Madder Rose
18 Sick Of It All - The Primitives
19 Jerusalem - Sinead O'Connor
20 My Crystal Spider - Sweetwater
21 Lint of Love - Cibo Matto

Listen at your leisure right here --------->


01 Quicksand Minds - Strange Boutique
02 Perversion - Stereolab
03 Delicious Demon - Sugarcubes
04 Hey Hey Helen - Lush
05 Two Worlds - Sweetwater
06 Him Dancing - Throwing Muses
07 Sometimes - Another Girl
08 Awaken - Three Merry Widows
09 Punish Me With Kisses - The Glove
10 My Mother the War - 10000 Maniacs
11 Move On - No Doubt
12 Little Things - Lamb
13 Tiny Machine - The Darling Buds
14 Motoroller Scalatron - Stereolab
15 Take Yer Time - Brownie Mary
16 The Pink - Medicine
17 Sharks Don't Sleep - Tracy Bonham
18 Spiders - Joydrop
19 Early in the Spring - Three Merry Widows

Listen at your leisure right here --------->

Thanks large for your patience whilst I get this tangent out of my system. There's more to come, because slow and sure always wins the race. Yup. Have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

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