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I love music... any kind of music... as long as it's groovy.

After a decade of trial and error, here is the official website where I attempt to chronicle my forty year obsession with all things vinyl. I dedicate this endeavour lovingly and respectfully to each and every single cratedigger the world over, who has offered me education and inspiration either directly or indirectly. Without you, this site, much less my record collection, would cease to exist. Thank you and enjoy.

Fufu Riddim (Originally created 19 August 2013)

My first Roots mix... and hopefully not my last. Play on.

1.Monkey Spanner-Dave and Ansil Collins
2.Westbound Train-Dennis Brown
3.Ride On-Dennis Brown
4.Drought-Simms & Robinson
5.Vital Drums-Bradsetter Allstars
6.Love is Gone-Inge larsen
7.Dream Land-The Wailers
8.Dubd Version-The Wailers
9.Jamaicans, God Bless You-Max Romeo
10.God Bless You Pt. 2-Max Romeo
11.Fattie Bum Bum-Carl Malcom
12.Bum Bum Pt. 2-Carl Malcolm
13.Dreader Than Dread-Big Youth
14.I Pray Thee-Big Youth
15.What about the half-Dennis Brown
16.Truly-Marcia Griffiths
17.Have Mercy-Mighty Diamonds
18.Mercy Version-Mighty Diamonds
19.Beat Down Babylon-Junior Byles
20.Ital Version-The Upsetters
21.A Good Draw-Grass Power

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