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I love music... any kind of music... as long as it's groovy.

After a decade of trial and error, here is the official website where I attempt to chronicle my forty year obsession with all things vinyl. I dedicate this endeavour lovingly and respectfully to each and every single cratedigger the world over, who has offered me education and inspiration either directly or indirectly. Without you, this site, much less my record collection, would cease to exist. Thank you and enjoy.

Hi Phi Funk... because bad taste is always good

This mix is special. It was inspired by a mixcloud colleague. I miss that profile. I am inclined to believe that reincarnation took place in recent months... This one's a mind melter.

1.Driscoll Ricordo Di Serena-Riz Ortolani
2.Cosmic Sea-Mystic Moods
3.Gangster Boogie-Chicago Gangsters
4.Life Is a Gamble-Preacher
5.The Mouse-Senor Soul
6.Fishman-Beginning Of The End
7.Found a child-Ballin Jack
8.Hair And Grits-Dennis Coffey & Lyman Woodward
9.Gold Smoke-Everyday People
10.Mary Don't Take Me On No Bad Trip-Fugi
11.Cookie Crumbs-Ray and His Court
12.Flabby's Groove-Flabby
13.We Got More Soul-Mongo Santamaria
14.Pow Wow-Manny Corchado
15.Happy Man-Latin Blues band
16.Blues trip-Morton Stevens
17.Broasted Or Fried-Willie Bobo & The Bo-Gents
18.The Soul Strut-John Philips Soul And His Stone Marching Band
19.The Boo Boo Song-King coleman
20.Big Chief Pt 2-Professor Longhair
21.Banana Juana-Ralph Robles

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