Vincent The Soul Chef

I love music... any kind of music... as long as it's groovy.

After a decade of trial and error, here is the official website where I attempt to chronicle my forty year obsession with all things vinyl. I dedicate this endeavour lovingly and respectfully to each and every single cratedigger the world over, who has offered me education and inspiration either directly or indirectly. Without you, this site, much less my record collection, would cease to exist. Thank you and enjoy.


As with any site of this nature, it is well advised to say that the content contained within these pages is done to educate those who may wish to seek knowledge as I have done over the past several years. Since most of the content presented here has been overlooked or just forgotten over time, a little respect wouldn’t hurt.
If you find something here that strikes your fancy, please go to your local mom and pop record shop or online outlet and inquire since corporate record stores just don’t care about us anymore. However, if you are one of those legal types who object to any of the content here, please contact me and I will remedy the problem quickly since I don’t have the time or the resources to fight you in court. In addition, any imagery other than my own used on this site is done specifically for promotion purposes and is not intended to skimp on originality. Full credit will be given wherever applicable, but if there are any objections to my using an image, contact me and I will remedy that situation as well without hesitation. Thank you for your time.

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